At work I am
a full-stack web developer

Outside of work
I am a passionate calligrapher.



I combine my designer and developer skills to offer the best possible creative solution to a business problem.

Curently I am part of the small but solid team of where we have created excellent projects.

I like working on design, performance, amazing UX and bringing them all together. I enjoy the process of making things happen and bringing digital experiences to life.

Head over to my linkedIn profile page to find out more about the specific skills that I have.



As a creative individual I love spending time on creative activities. As a self-taught in photography and calligraphy, I find the two my ways that allow me to express myself artistically.

Photography means adventure to me. From rich landscapes to abandoned places, I strive to capture the unexpected and feel that thrill! Visit my flickr page to see more!

Having always been fascinated by letters, calligraphy also became a passion of mine. I love the things you can express with merely several strokes of that centuries-old art form.